Murphy Enterprises shop is primarily designed to help customers to order additional installation parts, attachments or spare parts. Our spare parts and accessories suit most leading makes of Central Vacuum Systems.  Our product line consists of the following segments.

  • Power units
  • Hose and Hose Parts
  • Attachments
  • Accessories
  • Inlets & vacpans
  • Replacement components

We can only accept orders for delivery within the Republic of Ireland. All our prices include 23% VAT

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Product Details

Standard Vacuum Hose

Crushproof Vacuum Hose

This high quality silver standard central vacuum hose designed with a metal ring cuff on the end to fit 1.5 inch diameter inlet valves and is crush proof for long life.

The crush proof vacuum hose is ideal for commercial and domestic vacuum applications including dry, wet-dry, central vacuums.

If you have metal contact point inside of your inlet valve they will work by turning on your built-in vacuum system once the hose is inserted.