Murphy Enterprises shop is primarily designed to help customers to order additional installation parts, attachments or spare parts. Our spare parts and accessories suit most leading makes of Central Vacuum Systems.  Our product line consists of the following segments.

  • Power units
  • Hose and Hose Parts
  • Attachments
  • Accessories
  • Inlets & vacpans
  • Replacement components

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Product Details

Bare Floor Tool

Bare floor Brush -Black


This hard floor brush has a soft natural fill that will support the brush over any hard floor surface, allowing it to glide over uneven surfaces without fear of damaging the finish of polished stone or hardwood flooring. The unique brush-cut of this floor brush insures that dirt will be drawn up into the front of the brush and captured at the back, so there is no bulldozing of dirt and debris.


Available in

10”/254mm Hard floor brush

12”/305mm Hard floor brush